Chinese Pipe Fittings, Tube Valves and Steel Flanges


To purchase Pipes, Vaves, Flanges and Pipe Fittings from us, you can follow those questions:

Q1. Are you factory or trader?

PipeValveFitting: Our owned facotry only make castings,  cast iron pipe fittings and valve castings.  We sell other fittings as a professional trader.

Q2. why you choose PipeValveFitting?

PipeValveFitting:  If your requirement is more than one type products,  we can help you conveniently source items from one place with our own factory and partner factories.  As a trader, we also help you control the products quality and cost.

Q3. who are welcome to make cooperation with Pipevalvefitting?

PipeValveFitting: We only supply qualified products to our clients, each batch produts from Pipevalvefitting will be inspected by our QC staffs. So we refuse to the buyers which only need low price.

Q4. Do Pipevalvefitting has any other special advantage?

PipeValveFitting: Our owned logistics system will provide professional service, we only choose the quickly shipment for our clients.

Q5. How to purchase Forged Flanges from Pipevalvefitting?

PipeValveFitting: Pls indicate the design standard, Material, Pressure Rate, Quantity, size, flange type, wall thickness, contact face and Marking. If special desigin, flange drawings are necessary.

Q6. How to purchase Butt-welded Pipe Fittings from Pipevalvefitting?

PipeValveFitting: Pls indicate the design standard, Material, fitting type, size, wall thickness, raw pipe type (seamless or welded) and marking.

Q7. How to purchase Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings from Pipevalvefitting?

PipeValveFitting: We mainly supply EN10242 malleable iron fittings with ISO7/1 thread, you should be indicated the quantity and type, black surface or hot dipped zinc or electrical galvanization. If you need ASTM fittings with NPT thread, pls indicate it.

Q8. How to purchase Stainless Steel threaded Pipe Fittings from Pipevalvefititng?

PipeValveFitting: The mateiral and thread type are very important, you can choose SS304 or SS316 material. The thread can be ISO 7/1 or NPT.

Q9. How to Purchase Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings from Pipevalvefitting?

PipeValveFitting: ISO2531 standard ductile iron pipe fittings in production, pls show the inner coating and outside coating type: EPOXY or BLACK PAINT.


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