Chinese Pipe Fittings, Tube Valves and Steel Flanges

Single Pin Heavy-Duty Clamp

Product name: Heavy Duty Single Pin Clamp, include 2pcs of ferrule,1pc of gasket and 1pc of clamp

Fitting End Connection: Clamped
Fitting Material quality: 304, 316L
Pipe Fitting Standard: SMS, DIN
Pipe Fitting Material—SS304, SS316L

Sigle Pin Heavy-Duty Clamp

Sigle Pin Heavy-Duty Clamp

Pipe Fitting Internal diameter and wall thickness of fittings: 1.5mm wall thickness for sizes up to 2″, 2mm for 2-1/2″to 4″m, 2.5mm for 6″ and 8″.
Pipe Fitting Surface finish– Valves: 240 grit or better Fittings: 180 grit or better

The range of sanitary stainless steel bends, tees ,expanders, pipe holders, reducers, hose nipples, end caps, sight glass and custom designed components are manufactured to tight tolerances of roundness and perpendicularly to facilitate accurate fabrication and orbital welding. The design of fittings has flush, crevice-free joints, particularly suitable for in-place cleaning.
End Connections Standard: 3A, ISO, BS, SMS, DIN, TC Clamp, butt-weld, flanged
Material of  fittings: SS304, SS 316, SS304L, SS316L.
Size Range:1″(25.4 mm), 1.5″ (38.1 mm), 2″(50.8 mm), 2.5″(63.5 mm), 3″(76.2mm), 4″(101.6 mm)

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