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Street Elbow-Malleable Iron Fitting

Street Elbow has a femal fitting on one side and a male pipe on the other end.
Malleable iron pipe fittings,  92 street elbow,
Pipe Fittings Material: malleable iron 300-6.
Pipe Fittings Surface: Black or hot dipped (white) or electric galvanization.
Forms of reinforcements: Bend or band malleable iron fittings.
Pipe Fittings Range: 1/4″-4″

90 Street Elbow-malleable iron fittings 92
90 Street Elbow-malleable iron fittings 92

All fittings will be tested by 0. 5 MPa pneumatic pressures in Chinese factory.

We supply qualified malleable iron fittings based on follow standards,

American standard malleable iron pipe fittings:

Materials: ANSI/ASME A197

Dimensions: ANSI/ASME B16.3, ANSI/ASME 16.39, ANSI/ASME 16.14

Threads: ANSI/ASME B1.20.1, NPT

Din Standard malleable iron pipe fittings:

 Materials: DIN1692, ISO5922

Dimensions: EN 10242, DIN2950

Threads: ISO 7/1 DIN2999

British Standard malleable iron pipe fittings:

Materials: ISO 5922, BS 143 and BS1256

Dimensions: ISO 49, EN10242

Threads: ISO 7/1

Detailed purchase code for malleable iron pipe fittings:

Fig NO. Name
90 Elbows 90, female, equal
90R Reducing Elbows 90
92 Street Elbows 90, male and female, equal
120 Elbows 45
130 Tees 90 female, equal
130R Reducing Tees
120 Elbows 45
180 Crosses 90 female, equal
240 Reducing Socket, female, banded
241 Hexagon Bushings, reducing, concentric
245 Reducing Hexagon Nipples
270 Socket(Coupling), equal, banded
270H Half Socket (Coupling)
280 Hexagon Nipples, right hand thread
280H Hose Nipple
291 Plugs, square head, beaded
291H Plugs, hexagon head
300 Hexagon Caps
301 Round Caps
310 Lock Nuts
330 Unions, flat seat with teflon gasket
331B Unions, butt-welding, with teflon gasket
340 Unions female & female, conical joint seat
340B Unions butt-welding conical joint seat
341 Unions male & female, conical joint
342 Unions, male, brass seat
526 Extension socket
529a Extension socket, male and female, beaded

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