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Ductile Iron Flanged Pipes

Flanged Pipe/Column, ductile iron material.

Pipe Flange designed by BS4504/EN1092-2.

Ductile iron pipe designed from ISO2531/EN545.

Pipe Wall thickness: K8/K9/K10/K12.

Centrifugal casting method or lost foam casting method( vacuum casting)

Ductile Iron Flanged Column/Pipe

Ductile Iron Flanged Column/Pipe

We use two method to make the flange pipe: welded flange pipe, casted flange pipe by lost foam casting method.

If you have any specail reqruirements, pls send us the drawings.
The pipes are coated 130g/㎡ metallic zinc plus not less than 70 microns bitumen as per ISO8179.The pipes internal protected with cement mortar linging as per ISO4179.
Epoxy coating can be choosed up to buyers’ requirement.

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